Auto Dial Campaigns

Deliver Messages Fast

Deliver voice messages to businesses and consumers even when no one is there or is answering the phone. Use our outbound IVR for outbound telemarketing, survey consumers and businesses, make announcements and confirm appointments.

Changing your address, phone number or office hours? Our outbound IVR makes getting the word to your client or prospect list quickly and inexpensively. Have a hot telemarketing deal? Use our outbound IVR to tell your clientele.

A Simple and Cost Effective Solution

Outsourcing IVR inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing to us saves on technology investments and delivers results quickly. Accounts and programs can be launched in as little as 48 hours. You buy only what you need. No hardware or software is necessary. Real-time summarized or detailed reporting is available.

Our outbound IVR is simple to set up. Record your message right over the phone. Ask us to help you create effective scripts and make the messages sound live.

Specify start/stop/continuation times for broadcasting and number of deliveries. Our auto dial software is set up with your database of telephone numbers to deliver your messages to your targeted group.

Reach out to buyers and prospects quickly, effectively and inexpensively.